Lgmedsupply lg-dlx deluxe tens unit with 12 treatment modes

Lgmedsupply lg-dlx deluxe tens unit with 12 treatment modes
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If you are experiencing aches and pains on a part or various parts of the body, a tens unit may be the answer for you. this approved device is safe and effective. the lg-dlx digital delux tens unit helps control pain by sending electrical impulses that overrides the pain signal. the brain does not register that the pain signal exists, and that is basically how it helps you relieve your pain. tens units are widely used to control and relieve most types of pain. by simply adjusting the settings, you can control amd determine the best setting and treatment mode for the best pain relief and reductions. treatment is individual, so what is the best setting for one person may not be the best setting for another. that is why it is important for you to use it and find the best electrode pad placement. the "lg-dlx" delux digital tens unit features 9 preset programs parameters and 12 modes of tens pulse control in which to choose from for both pain treatment and comfort. the "lg-dlx" delux digital tens unit comes with a built in timer (30 minutes, 60 minutes, and continuous modes). simply set the timer to make sure you are allowing consistant treatment times. the intensity is adjustable from low to very high. the difference between the lg-dlx delux tens unit and the others are the large variety of program parameters treatment modes. the more programs, the more settings to choose from for continuous pain relief and best response. the lg-dlx delux tens unit is simple and easy to use. Delux because it has more modes and programs that other tens units 12 modes and 9 programs reduce pain Comes with batteries, electrodes and case
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